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The practice of reflexology is holistic in nature, coaxing the mind & body to a relaxed state where the healing process can begin, effecting an improved sense of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Reflexology is particularly effective for anxiety, depression & insomnia and helps with prevention of psychosomatical ailments and conditions. 

Watercolor Stain
Watercolor Stain

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A reflexology treatment lasts one hour, whereby only shoes and socks will need to be removed. Feet will be cleansed and a reflexology wax applied to feet with a 

massage technique which applies a little pressure to the reflex points on the feet and toes; after the reflexology treatment is complete,  a balm will be applied to retain moisture (or, deodorising foot spray on client request). All waxes are made from organic beeswax, oil & essential oils; vegan soy wax available on request.


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Reflexology Treatment, 1hr.... £35

Over 60's, 1hr ........................ £30

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"Hello, my name is Lucy Hanks, 

I've been a Chelmsford resident since 2006. 

I'm a fully qualified reflexologist and member of the Association of reflexologists.

 After having had an interest in the field of holistic therapies for many years, I decided to try a reflexology treatment on a trip to the Maldives where I became an avid advocate.

After some time receiving treatments in both reflexology, facial reflexology and Indian head massage, I decided to train for myself; whereby I completed my level 3 City & guilds qualification in complimentary therapies specialising in reflexology, with local school Phoenix Holistic."